Meeting Half Asian Celebrities: Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou, Mizuo Peck, & Lisa Wu Hartwell

Saturday, February 19, 2011

If someone told me 10 years ago that because of my blogging I'd get to meet half asian celebrities I would have chuckled. 10 years ago any of the things I've done these past 2 years would have seemed like an impossible dream. But now 10 years later I've done things I never dreamed and been connected with some amazing people, who just happened to be celebrities that are half asian and proud.

Mizuo Peck

I met Mizuo Peck when I was invited to cover the debut of the Night at the Museum exhibit at the Madame Tussauds wax museum. While interviewing Mizuo we started talking about being half asian since she's Japanese, Irish, English, and Cherokee. Mizuo shared that she loves being of mixed heritage and is very proud of her roots. She was also it was great that I started a website for asian and black couples and families so my son would know he's part of a community. Of course she thought my son was adorable and held him during our interview.

Lisa Wu Hartwell

I met Lisa Wu Hartwell, when she was on the Essence beauty panel during the "What Your Beauty Secret?" Event held by Johnson's Baby Oil and Essence magazine. I was super excited to meet her since Lisa is blasian (Afro-Caribbean mom and Chinese American dad). After sharing with her that my son was also half asian she said" he must be beautiful, because we are beautiful people" I of course agreed :)

Kimora Lee Simmons

I met Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou when she helped launch Bounty’s "Make a Clean Difference" in Harlem's Alain L. Locke Elementary School by helping the children clean their classrooms. Kimora and I had a very interesting moment when she asked me if we've met before. Oddly enough we had in a few different ways but that needs to be covered in another blog.

What important about meeting Kimora in real life is that she's one of the most famous blasians that people are familiar with. It's ironic that people see her everyday but don't realize that she's a biracial black and asian women. What I like about Kimora is that she's a great example of a biracial child growing up into a successful and happy biracial adult. Kimora will be the first to tell you she's very proud of herself, her family and what's she accomplished as a business women and mother.

While I've only highlighted these 3, I've had many other encounters with other half asian celebrities. I've tweeted a few times with Marcus Demps brother of Will Demps, and learned he's a riot.

I've almost met Hines Ward for his Charity Fund-raising Weekend but didn't due to event cost and travel requirement. Ya'll know I rarely travel if that means being away from my son for days.

While connecting with these celebrities is of course wonderful, for me the excitement is not because they are celebrities. My excitement is about them being real living examples of the asian and black community I've been blogging about for years. More then that they're proud of their dual half asian heritage and represent positive role models for children like my son to look up to.

I hope I continue to meet more half asian individuals whether their celebrities or not. But on that note can someone tell Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson people to contact me for a meet and greet. Just putting that out there

Celebrating Vietnamese New Year over on I'm Not The Nanny

Friday, February 11, 2011

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This Lunar New Year is being enjoyed and celebrated by families all over the world...and world wide web. My mommy friend Thien-Kim Lam wrote a blog post Happy Year of the Cat! Celebrate Vietnamese New Year! which shares how her family celebrated Vietnamese Lunar New Year of the Cat.

Vietnamese New Year

As I read her post I wondered how other asian and black famines were celebrating this month. In the past I've written about Chinese celebrations and this year I wrote about Korean New Year celebration, but there's many different asian cultures who celebrate lunar new year in their own unique culture's way.

I'll do my part and check around for stories to share. If you want to have your story shared here please contact me. Also contact me if you know of other blasian families not on my radar...I can't keep up, they're growing like wild fire!

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Target's Valentine's Gift commercial feat asian boy & black girl

Monday, February 7, 2011

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Thanks to Ethan for bringing this commercial to my attention. While there's nothing really said in the commercial, the images themselves speaks volumes.

So this Asian boy seems to be hanging out with a black girl (who looks like she's waiting for him to hold her hand so clearly something must be going on between them....just sayn) and decides to give her a present. I thought it was cute :) What do you think?

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