The Good and Bad of Asian Black Dating

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So after posting about the book "Black Passenger Yellow Cabs" in the ABC group alot of the members posted how offended they were about the book.  Mind you only one person has read the book so far...So I'd say they were offended by the "idea" of the book and that's interesting.

I still haven't read the book and yes like some of the ABC members the idea that a man goes around sexually running thru women bothers me.  But unlike some of the members I can see this book and the idea behind it as something that should be talked about beyond saying...I'm offended.

I find alot of people only want to hear the good and successful stories about Asian Black couples.  I mean yeah we all want to hear the gushy love conquers all success stories but I don't think that gives the full picture of the dating scene between asians and blacks.

It might seem like I'm looking to promote the negative aspects but really I'm trying to be realistic.  There are shady men and naive women in all races.  Lets be real and talk about those along with the success stories.  


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