ABC's Flash Forward Blasian Couple Gabrielle Union & John Cho

Monday, August 24, 2009

An Asian man engaged to a Black women in a series on a major network? Am I dreaming? Woot, woot! We've finally become trendy enough to make it to TV. Bout time if you ask me but hey I'm more excited then I am frustrated that ABC's upcoming sci-fi thriller series Flash Forward features an Asian Black couple in a serious relaionship!

Gabrielle Union joined the cast of ABC's upcoming sci-fi thriller series FlashForward after the pilot and told us that she'll play a criminal defense attorney engaged to Demetri Noh (John Cho). She said the pairing of her African-American character and Cho's Asian-American character was deliberate.

"The cultural differences with our families, not only blending families in the middle of a recession but blending families that come from different cultures and races and backgrounds, will definitely be explored," Union said in an exclusive interview last week in Pasadena, Calif. "And, I love John."

"[I've shot] a lot of time with John," She continued. "We have a really good relationship. I'm so glad that they're showing two people of color with, like, a really ... loving and nurturing relationship. I haven't really seen that on TV, and certainly not in an interracial relationship, very loving and sweet in a genuine sort of way."

Yes, girl! I love John also and not just cause he happens to be korean-american. LOL. But I confess this is a major plus point for me since it's exciting to see characters that reflects my life and community. I'm so going to be watching this show...and blog about it of course!

The Silent Tears Indie Movie Has Blasian Couple

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I was contacted by indie filmmaker Nana a while back via facebook. At the time she wanted my input on her latest film project title "The Silent Tears", since it featured an asian and black couple love story.

At the time I was juggling a few things and didn't share it on the blog then, which is a shame but I've been following Nana and she's really been working hard. I felt I had to share the progress she's been making as a young black female filmmaker. Check her out and give her your support.

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