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Hi, I’m Nikki. I was born in Guyana, South America, but lived in the NYC area for the past 30 something years. A few years ago I started a community called Euphoria Luv aka Asian Black Communities for interracial (Asian & Black ) couples and families. I wanted to provide a place that offered support, information and resources.

After having my son, who's Korean and West Indian (Black) aka blasian I started a blog where I share about my life as a mom along with my thoughts on social & community issues affecting black women with biracial children and the mixed race community.

Beside the blasian community I also advocate on issue affecting black women. I'm currently working on more project which includes guest blogging on various sites that promote a positive image of black women, biracial children and the mixed race community.

Contact Me

email ~ asianblackco (AT) gmail.com
twitter ~ http://twitter.com/asianblackco
facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/AsianBlackCommunity

My Interview's

Lifetime Moms Interview
"I’m Not the Nanny": Raising a Black and Asian Child
- Read my interview with Kimberly Seals Allers (author of The Mocha Manual) for the Lifetime Moms site about being a mom to an Asian and Black Child.

Overcoming Challenges of Raising Biracial Kids
-Read my interview on Today Mom site about raising multiracial children.

Is that You Child Podcast
Is that Your Child Podcast Interview
- Read what I have to say about why Black women should be educated about Asian men as marriage partners and how controversy in the mom blogging world forced me to change how I blog.

The Family Coach
- Listen in as Nikki a blogger, mom influencer and mother of a biracial son, talks about life as a single mom, political correctness in our mom to mom relationships and more.

Watermelon Sushi World
- Read what I have to say about why I feel black women don't date more interracially, the common question from mothers with blasian children and much more

A See Through Soul
- Read what I have to say about the term blasian, how I feel raising a child with 3 different cultures and much more

The Disclaimer

Please note that since I’m a mixed race / mixed cultural family some post will be about issues of race and how it affects me and my family. I tend to write with a sarcastic tongue in cheek approach to things on my mind. If you are a racially sensitive person then please read with caution or surf over to another blog. I’m online to share about my experience of being an asian black family...not to offend or get into racial debates.

Information presented on this website is considered public information (unless otherwise noted) and may be distributed or copied. Except photos. If you want to use any of my images you MUST send a request.

While I've made every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as names, web links, etc. may change prior to updating. Don't blame me =)

I welcome suggestions on how to improve this blog and correct errors. I do not provide any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished information shared here

Some of the info on this blog may contain live references (or pointers) to information created and maintained by other organizations. Please note that I do not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of these outside materials.

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