Census 2010 : Make Sure You're Counted

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We've finally received our 2010 census forms! I've been waiting for it for a while now so I was excited to finally get them. I wrote about how filling out the census held a special meaning for me.

As most people know this years census is key for the mixed race community since the section to define their racial background has more options. My son and I were very excited! Ok, ok I was excited...he was just curious.

Anyway, having accurate data of the mixed race community...not just the general community...will help in the area of public services, health care, job assistance and so much more. There are many online and offline resources to help you FREE of cost to fill everything out. Please people make sure to have yourself counted by filling out the Census forms.

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Today Moms Highlights the Blasian Community

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm getting the word out folks!  I recently spoke with the very nice ladies at Today Moms about highlighting the community of Moms of Biracial children and more specific Mothers of Blasian children.  They asked me to write a little something and *BAM*,  now you can check out my post on their website site title :  Overcoming the Challenges of Raising Biracial Kids

I highlight how it feels to be be asked..."is that your baby" and my hope that as awareness for mixed-race families spreads, the challenges facing mothers of biracial children will become less a struggle and more a celebration of the differences that make us all special and unique. Enjoy!

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Are the Chinese really Black people?

Guest Writer: Jo Kelly-Gan, An African-American woman born in Columbia, Missouri. After putting herself through University, learning to speak Spanish fluently and a messy divorce from a self-proclaimed gay man, Jo is now happily married to a wonderful Chinese man 14 years her junior and living in the People's Republic of China. Jo blogs about life in China at Life Behind the Wall

Chinese People and Black People have more in common than you think. As I was visiting the local McDonald's here in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China I noticed that the menu seemed quite different than the ones in the USA. Yes, they had the Big Mac, and the McChicken and even the McFish ... but .. I also saw.. Spicy chicken wings, corn, chocolate pies, sweet potato pies, and a drink that was basically... Kool-aid and sprite mixed together .. in Peach, Grape, and some Red flavor.

Now I don't know about you guys, but that sounds like a Soul-Food menu. I really didn't think about that to much more until I went to KFC.. not to far from the McDonalds.... again a Soul-Food menu that had... corn salad, rice & beans, some kind of shrimp sandwich, and a lot of spicy Chicken items from wings, to legs to other parts unknown to the naked eye....

I thought at first this was an American way to grab the Chinese attention and give them something new.. so I wanted to research this farther into the traditional Chinese foods too see if there were any similarities. And restaurant after restaurant. I saw... pig's feet, Chiltlins', Chicken feet, crayfish, fried potatoes, red bean dishes, fried fish, Ox tail with gravy and even grits with eggs and homony.... What was this? I never knew how close the food was to the Soul Food I grew up on. They eat BBQ (sweet and spicy kinds) and even various greens with bacon fat or ham hocks.

People really do not know how close the food is to downhome southern (or Northern cooking). People look at my Chinese husband and I and think what could these two have in common? What could they do that interests each other?

Well now you know one big thing is FOOD! .... The Chinese people are all about eating together and spending time with family. At a traditional Chinese dinner I attended, I saw everyone eating, joking with each other, making fun of each other, and just all around having a good time. Showing off how much someone could eat, or drink or even who can sing better. It amazed me how similar it was to our Black families at home. Everyone praised the women who cooked all the food and complimented how wonderful the food was... and she beamed with pride just like my mother and grandmother before had always done.

It was a wonderful feeling and it felt like home and I felt accepted as a part of their family, just like my friends did when they would come to my home for a holiday dinner. Every made sure you had enough to eat, and kept trying to give you more even though you were stuffed. Just when you were ready to bust, they would start bring out desserts. They showed the family love that we experienced when we were growing up in our families.

Black women do not worry your beautifully styled heads one bit about cooking or pleasing an Asian man stomach because I really believe that deep down inside the Chinese people are just Black people at heart.

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Black & Asian Marriage in China

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black women are getting married all over the world. Better then that more Black women are marrying interracially. Even behind the great wall of China, Jo, a black women, meet the love of her life.  Jo caught the attention of a young handsome Chinese man and shared her story.

Read her interview in Behind the Great Wall Lies a Great Ambition.  Friendship blossomed into love, then an engagement and subsequent marriage.  Jo got the job, she got her man and got rid of the extra pounds.  Looking good and feeling great, Jo is a true success story.

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Biracial Family Twitter Party

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Join Us for Our Biracial Family Twitter Party

Place: Online via Twitter

Date: Friday, March 26, 2010

Time: 9p-10p EST

Hosts: @euphorialuv , @Quiskaeya and @Jamericanspice

Topic: Teaching Biracial Children About their Identity

Purpose: To provide parents & biracials an opportunity to talk about biracial identity to help build a stronger multiracial/multicultural community. Some questions open for discussion are:

  1. As a parent of a biracial how do you help your child self-identify? Ex: books, events, playgroups etc

  2. If your child chose one identity over another would it offend you?

  3. Are your children equally accepted by both sides of the family?

  4. Do you feel the one drop rule is still widely thought and accepted with regards to biracials?

  5. Do you consider how society will identify your child? Does this effect how you teach your biracial child to self-identity?

RSVP: http://twtvite.com/6a0u27

Even if you do not have a twitter account you can still join the conversation. The discussion will stream through tweetchat (http://tweetchat.com). You can set up an account with them and jump right into the action.

To participate be sure to follow @euphorialuv , @Quiskaeya and @Jamericanspice. Also be sure to tweet with the hashtag #BiracialFamily between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. EDT.

Please feel free to spread the word to other multiracial/multicultural groups. Hope that you will join in for a time of learning and sharing.

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Chinese History Features Blasians

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Over on Sardonic Sistah Says there a post "A Blasian in Chinese History" that share info for those interest in historical Black-Chinese interactions.

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Kimora Lee Simmons : Fabulous Blasian Mom

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Black Celebrity Kids site recently posted that Kimora Lee Simmons shared in her OK magazine interview plans to have more kids with Djimon Hounsou. After seeing the family photos of Kimora, her daughters and Kenzo I hope they do. I feel that Kimora really loves being a mother. As a member of the "Moms of Blasian kids" club, I'm all for having more families that reflect my lifestyle.

[caption id="attachment_248" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="image credit - Black Celebrity Kids "][/caption]

Now I confess I've been very bad about reporting on fabulous blasian Kimora and her family. But I gotta say that Kimora does a better job at promoting the blasian image.

Homegirl is on so many magazines, shows and media sites....and not just the blacks one mind you. People featured Kimora after she gave birth to Kenzo. I'm loving it! She makes a great example that being blasian is something to be proud. Kimora is far from being the tragic half black/biracial person society loves to highlight. Seems to me that Kimora doesn't live or think this way about herself or her children.

BTW, I've watched the show and it's interesting to see how Kimora adds her cultural in different areas. When it came to her daughters Kimora has raised them to know both their racial backgrounds. Even though they live in a world that doesn't always know what to make of their "exotic" mix, Kimora keeps them grounded in who they are.

Kimora also makes sure that projects she works on aren't watered down because her target community are "minorities". I'll never forget the episode where Kimora demanded her Barbie doll have the same rights as the white Barbie dolls the company produces. The Kimora doll needed ALL the accessories and Kimora made sure the company followed through. LOL.

I'm excited to see how Kimora will juggle life now with baby Kenzo. Being a mother to a boy isn't easy. Gotta tune in to "Life in the Fab Lane" which starts the new season on March 21, 2010.

To read interesting tidbits on KLS check out Blog Kimora and the official website

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Celebrity Blasian Couple : Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Tom Lo

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So there's been alot of buzzing on the net about Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Tom Lo the new hot blasian couple. They met on Lets Talk About Pep. I confess I haven't seen the show. I read someone felt it should be "Sex in the Black City" since it's about black professional women who are single and searching for Mr. Right. Seems for Sandra Mr. Right might be Asian. *fist pump*

So I've been checking out the reactions to this blasian pairing. Different blogs and websites have some interesting things to say. First people are really talking about it and what seeing this pair means. Over on Sardonic Sistah Says a great point is made in Something New...But Not Really

For many women just watching an AsAm/AfAm couple like Pepa and Tom on-screen is a bit revolutionary. Not only can a professional sister like Zoey Andata (Gabrielle Union) hook up with Demetri Noh (John Cho) on FlashForward but if a down chick like Pep can cross a line to date a Chinese brother then maybe there aren’t as many blockades as we thought there were.

I think that's a powerful point. Black women need to see there IS an asian man that will match them no matter their lifestyle. It's key that black women start seeing asian men beyond the nerds and martial artist stereotypes. The more normal black women see asian men, the more they can see them as potential partners.

In 5 Reality Love Lessons from Lets Talk About Pep , Sandra is applauded for dating not only outside of her race but also outside of her type. We all know her past men have been a bit thuggish. Now ain't nothing wrong with that, I've done it. LOL. But if women find they're dating the same "type" of man and not finding love then it's time to try something different. Right?

But it's not just black women who need to start seeing asian men as viable partners. As I look at different sites I noticed that ONLY black media has been following this story. Hmm. What's that about!?

The media plays such a key role in shaping the minds of the masses. They tell us what current, what's hot, what we should pay attention to and emulate. If only a small section highlight this pairing then the message isn't reaching as far as it could. In one way I'm not surprised. As we all know there's a lack of interest in anything that paints a positive image of black women...much less a women who dates asian men. *rolling my eyes*

But in another way I am surprised because Lets Talk about Pep is just another reality dating show and should get the gossip. If nothing else you'd think the media would highlight the mini resistance of some in the black community.

If you check the comments for Some Afternoon Swirl , it's clear some are against black women dating any man other them a black man.  But they're growing fewer in numbers as black women who date interracial...especially asian men...start to be seen more. *fist pump*

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