Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Shares Culture at Nick's Storytime Live

Friday, April 2, 2010

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I recently attended the opening day of Nickelodeon's Storytime Live. The show featured live actors from Nickelodeon's popular shows: Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, The Backyardigans, The Wonder Pets and Dora the Explorer. Of course I had to see Kai-Lan live as a real person. It's my community responsibility! LOL. Of course, I had a great time with my son during the show. But I also had some interesting thoughts while watching certain segments.


As I sat watching the show I was amused to think that these children and their parents were learning so much about different cultures. In Kai-Lan's segment not only did they learned to speak Chinese but they also learned about Chinese culture and history. The storyline line was about Kai-Lan helping Pandas and meeting the Monkey king along the way. Yes, it was a cute story but now the families know more then just a few Chinese words.


Another amusing moment during the Kai-Lan's segment was seeing a black man dressed in one of the costumes. I doubt anyone else would have gotten the humor of it besides me. It's another Asian and Black connection! I doubt it was done intentionally since the same cast (I think) played in all the segments during the show.

Kids with Kai and Dora Dolls

Still since kids are visual and seeing different races working together in a show like that can be powerful. I hoped seeing a multi racial segment helps them develop racial understand and tolerance.

On our way home I saw two little girl with their Storytime Live goodie bags. I smiled at the scene. I think it's wonderful how shows like Ni Hao, Kai-Lan introduces kids to different experiences and communities. Kai-Lan makes my heart feel *happy*

The show will tour throughout the United States. Visit Nick Live Tour website for more info.

Note: Complimentary show tickets were provided
*images credit: Nick Live Tour website

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