Giving thanks for a diverse community

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Today many are celebrating Thanksgiving with food and family. I am celebrating thanksgiving with the internet :) As some of you might know I'm not a big fan of the revised version of thanksgiving. I know what happened to those Native American that helped those pilgrims many years ago. While I usually boycott, this year I choose to honor those Native Americans and follow their example of accepting others into their community.


When I first started this community more then 10 years ago it was based on a connection I had with black women in relationships with asian men. Throughout the years it's grown to include asian women, black men in general, those with blasian heritage and even some white people. I know, I know but yes white people have also become part of my community.

I often wonder what moved those Native American's to include strangers into their community. They didn't have to share their food and knowledge. Of course I'll never know but I can sorta guess. Over the years as I branched out of my community into the wider world of diversity...I've learned and I've grown.

I've learned some amazing things in the most unexpected ways. I've watched a white women of an adopted blasian child struggle with awareness the same as black and asian mom from my community. I've seen others, East Indian, Latina, and diverse community of "others" offer support and encouragement as I struggle to establish my community. I've seen the true meaning behind the idea of community based on a common goal not just skin tone...and I'm thankful for and every day after.

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How do you prove racism to white people?

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How do I always get into these arguments? I was minding my business on my other twitter account when I saw a tweet about Palin saying she can defeat President Obama. Now ya'll know how I feel about Pres. Obama. No damn way Palin gonna one up on that brother. So I retweeted with a *rolling my eyes*. Someone else replied to my tweet and a witty mini convo started.

racial difference

While checking my personal twitter I saw another tweet about Palin. Gosh this women sure knows how to put her foot in her mouth! How can she not know the difference between North and South Korea! Since I was already talking about her I shared the tweet with the folks in the mini conversation. Then I received this tweet and it went down hill from there.

Now I usually don't mind people jumping in any of my conversation but this women didn't want dialogue. I'm not sure what her main goal was but (1) she picked the wrong person to defend and (2) the wrong person to try and check about calling people racist. Apparently home girl didn't know who I am and why I'm interested in what Palin has to say about Korea *wink*

As these things always go I'm asked to "prove" my racism case. But here's the thing. I don't have to prove anything. The evidence is clearly on the table for everyone to see....if they want to look and SEE it.  So I ask what evidence does this person need.  I already know no matter what I say, links, articles or quotes I provided, the outcome will be the same.   Homegirl won't agree.   A few minutes later I provide an link.  The result?  Just as I predicted...the ole...well it doesn't exactly prove racism comeback.

And this is where I have some major damn issues. Why do black people...hell all people of color... have to PROVE racism?!  We ALL know it's exists.   There's a reason we have organization, websites, books and work integration programs that focus on race and racism.  So why we always asked to prove we're not crazy?  It's not something we're misunderstanding?  Or something we're projecting?

I'll tell you why...because the people who are asking us to prove racism doesn't exists are the same people who make a situation racist.  There I said it. You know what else I'm going to say...they don't want to face their actions either.  Lets be honest.  Asking someone to acknowledge their treating other people terribly just cause of skin tone isn't going over without a fight.  But I have a solution.  Lets start asking white people to PROVE racism DOESN'T exist.  How about that twist on the debate?  I'd like to see that.

I'm beyond tired of people who don't know what racism feels like trying to add commentary.  White people can not relate to what  people of color feel when faced with a racist situation.  Point blank.  While some white people can try to empathize they'll never be able to cross that divide.  So it's wasted time and energy for white people to ask people of color to prove racism. Will they ever accept the proof?  You know my answer....what are your thoughts on this topic?

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