Where are Superheroes who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc

Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Lets just go straight to the ugly truth shall we?  There is a great lack of superheroes of color in any major movie coming out this summer.  Over in my other life as a media blogger where I get invite to preview things before being released to the public, I've been biting my tongue on this issue.  But lets be real, in any movie there's always a lack of people of color.  I wont even comment on how any Asian in movies seem to be Chinese and foreign born. Nope wont comment. Wont comment about the lack of native, east or any other type of Indians either.  But lets get back to my main point of this blog, where are superheroes who are black, Asian, Hispanic, etc?!

Superheroes The Rock

Now being a semi comic book fanatic, I KNOW there are superheroes of color, heck I bet there's even some biracial ones. Did you know the apple of my eye Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could have played a superhero?  In 2007 in the Shazam movie, the Black Adam character is rumored to be played by "The Rock".  You know that would have been the first blasian superhero (that I know of) for this community. Wonder what ever happened to that plan....

So why aren't superheroes of color getting any shine? I read recently in a ColorLine article "Comics Industry Rep Accidentally Shows How Pop Culture Stays White" about an idea for an all-black lineup for an Avengers series that was nixed because someone felt "there weren’t enough black superhero characters who’d be suited for such a team" *sucks my teeth*

But of course there's enough white people for the two super hero movies coming out this summer right? Matter of fact there's so many white people that they can even take over movie that white actors dont belong in like AKIRA. *sucks my teeth*

Superheroes Black

What is going on here? Well, it about who's in control to make these decision and movies but their power only goes so far. If you know where to look you can find websites like Black Superhero Fan who highlights Black Superheroes and Black Comics news.

There's also The Museum of Black Superheroes which is a resource for articles, galleries, and the history of black superheroes in the world of comic books, TV, and movies.


Of course I can't forget my Asian and Native American crew, We all know the Asian community is large in the anime/comic book/fantasy world. There's an Asian American superhero comic anthology which is the first graphic novel collection of original stories from the Asian perspective. And for those that are wondering which superheroes are Asian or descended from Asian, here's a list from ComicVine and a list from wikipedia of asian superheroes. Oddly enough I haven't found a Korean superhero yet but you know I'll keep looking!


Being the first people Native American have a longer history with the earth then other cultures so you know they rocking some secret powers. On wikipedia there's a list of Native American superheroes I was excited to find a nice long list of powerful images.  I really never felt that Tonto, Lone Ranger side kick, image.

Here's also a list of Native American super hero by the comics they're featured in.

The great thing about Superheroes is that they come in ALL races. Yes people don't believe that Hollywood hype that only white folks are destined to save the world with superpowers because ALL races have superheroes and can save the world. Now go forth with knowledge and do great things.

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