Taking the Asian Black Community to the Next Level

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been 10 years and then some. I think I've long established that YES, asian men love black women. I've also established that asian and black families not only exist but we're a thriving community to take note of. I think it's way past time for me to move the community and this blog to the next level.


If you've followed me for a bit, you know that I've been tapping into different areas where I can highlight the asian and black connection. A few years ago I made the decision to close down my yahoo community group and step outside the online world. Honestly I wasn't sure what I would find. At the time most resources and support was limited to online groups and forums. But I knew I had to break out of that and move on. My vision and hopes for the community were way grander then just being a yahoo group.

Since taking that step I've been amazed at all the things I've done and learned. I've shared some things here but there's lots more to be shared and done. I've been MIA on this blog for a while but it's with good reason. Spreading awareness of my community outside to the masses takes alot of work. In some ways it hasn't been easy and some people didn't want to hear what I had to say. Like that's going to stop me.

As I pushed on I found many more people were interested in what I had to say. Many people were interested in learning more, supporting my goal of spreading awareness and even taking my message to their community.

This year alone, I've been interviewed and featured on a few high profile website.
  • Hear my interviewed for Is that Your Child Podcast where I discuss why Black women should be educated about Asian men as marriage partners
  • One of my blog post was spotlighted on BlogHer Race & Ethnicity when I wrote about The Help Movie and how it should open the conversation about ALL races not just black and white.
  • I was featured in the Power Moms book! Yup there's a little burb about me and building this community.
  • Later this year I will be interviewed on Mixed Chicks Chat. That's going to be an interesting interview cause I know they gonna try and call me on somethings I've said and blogged about *pray for me*

I've also spoken on some high profile panels. While one panel were about music and the other about smartphones, being asked to be part of that is itself an accomplishment. People who heard me speak on my panels were seeing a representative of this community. As I sat there sharing information I was aware that for many people this would be the first time learning about the asian and black community. I'm sure many people had to goggle Euphoria Luv after I mentioned it. LOL

While all these things are great within themselves, it's the connection that I've started making with other's who are part of the blasian community that I'm most proud of. As some of you know I had the chance to meet Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou this year. I promise I'll share what that was like in a future blog post. But Kimora isn't the only high profile blasin I've connected with. I hope to keep making those connections and sharing my experiences here.

I also want to highlight real life example of those with blasian heritage, couples, families AND those that connect with our community even if they're NOT asian or black. I found many other ethnic groups and cultures share our same struggles and need for support.

It's time we stopped living in the shadows and step forward to share our voices and experiences for those coming after us. More then 10 years ago I started this blog with the intention to share and connect. My intentions and goal are the same....just on another level that's deeper, wider and unlimited.

Paul Kim Music & the asian black white confusion

Oh the interesting things I find while cleaning out my inbox at 4am.

While I've seen many asian men in the music business tap into their black connection, I think this is the first time I've seen them use a white girl as a stand in for a black girl.

Clearly this role is for a black girl. Gold chains, neck rolling and all. And is he singing with a black soul feel? Wow, folks just wow

Race is a Parenting Issue For Everyone

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I found this post over on Rice Daddies and loved it. While we all know the idea of "race" is a construct,  it still affects many areas of our lives. I like this post because it shows how the issues that race brings up can affect anyone in any culture. On the outside most people see such an asian couple with asian kids. But as he explains even asian have race and culture differences.

Rice Daddies


I also like this post because it's coming from the voice of a father. I wish more dads would add their concerns on race to the parenting community. Within my own community I've encouraged the fathers with blasian child to add their $.02 whenever possible. Being men their not as vocal as women but more and more are sharing. It's still a work in progress, but I'll keep working on :)

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Cherokee expels black slave descendants & members over money?

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Native-American friends have long talked about the connection between the tribes and the African American slaves. There is a long and positive history between our people as shown in the exhibition IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas. But what will happen to Afro-Natives if they are denied claim to their identity and heritage? A recent article highlighting how the Cherokee Indian tribe expelled all their slave descendants brings up this every issue.

Black Cherokee Indian

Thousands of descendants of black slaves were brought to Oklahoma more than 170 years ago by Native American owners. The Cherokee nation voted after the Civil War to admit the slave descendants to the tribe. But recently, the tribe's Supreme Court ruled that a 2007 tribal decision to kick the so-called 'Freedmen' out of the tribe could be upheld.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029724/Cherokee-Indian-tribe-slammed-racist-expelling-slave-descendants.html

The interesting unspoken issue here is, are they only denying their "black slave" descendants? Are they allowing their the "non black slave" descendants to remain members of their tribe? If so then this is about race and discrimination and not about tribal history and community. Those "black slave" freeman have married, raised families and lived in the Cherokee Indian community from day one. In my opinion, the Afro-Natives are family and should be accepted.

Do you think the Cherokee Indian's are showing their racist side or is this about something else?
The controversy over the freedmen's status is at least in part about money. The Cherokee nation, the second-largest Native American tribe in the country, receives money from the federal government and earns money from its stake in the lucrative gambling industry, which totaled $26.4 billion for all tribes in 2009. In the run-up to the 2007 amendment vote, some proponents of expelling the freedmen suggested that more blacks might apply for membership to receive tribal money.

YES, Asian Men Like Black Women

10 years ago when I first started blogging about dating asian men, it seems a novelty to many. Many thought I was a rarity or the whole asian and black couple thing would phase out and soon asian men would return to either asian women or to white women, who are considered the default females for dating interracially. I of course saw a very different future. I saw many more Asian men standing up and taking a place beside black women.

Now I might be just a bit bias since I've dated, married, divorced and birth a child with an asian men. But over the last 10 years I've been proven right and been proud to see my community growing in amazing ways. Everywhere I look online there's asian and black communities, families and support groups.

More to the point of this post, there are Asian men who are either dating or married to black women with families leading the way and building blasian communities. Here are a few

  • Asian Male Revolutions: 'Asian Male Revolutions' is both a website and a social experiment. Asian-American men find themselves trapped in a loophole within an artificially-designed multiracial construct (or "utopian multi-racial melting pot") that America has created for itself - and we intend to use the Internet to spread the message about this misapplication of the Multiculturalist Ideal.  Visit website - www.asianmalerevolutions.com

These are just 2 asian men forming communities online in support of asian and black dating. As time goes on I hope to share more websites and resources started by asian men who YES, love black women.

asian doctor

But before I end this post I want to share a story.

A few months ago I was covering a pr/media event when an asian male came up to me and asked me a question about all the people. I thought nothing of it, gave him the answer and went back to what I was doing. A little while later on my way out I saw this same asian male. We struck up a conversation and I learned he was a doctor. Hmm.

Even though he was very nice and certainly my type, at the time I was still in mom only mode and wasn't interested in taking our conversation further. But that experience left a certain thought in my mind.

If I, wearing no makeup, dressed plan and simple and not even trying, can catch the attention of an asian guy who's a doctor! Then YES Asian men are interested in black women. No more excuse, no more if's and's or butt's. Asian men have made it clear they're willing and able to step up and out of the shadows. Will black women FINALLY accept that truth and be more open to dating asian men?

Asian Men, White Women & Sexual Black Fantasies

Since I had to hunker down over the weekend, due to Hurricane Irene, I had lots and lots of time on my hands. I used that time to check out some things online. While surfing around for something unrelated I came across this youtube video of asian men and white women.

As I watched the video (I had lots of extra time) I noticed a few things.

First many of the asian guys were dressed in clothing that I would consider influenced by black culture. In of one the photo both the asian guy and white girl were throwing up hand signs. *sigh*

asian white black fantasy

I also noticed an element of sexuality. Now I'm not talking about the couples kissing, etc. Nope, I'm talking about photo like this one, taken from the video, that clearly tap into the sexual fantasies of white women and asian men. It seems to me these are part of the same fantasies for the white men and asian women combination.


While I have very little to say about white and asian couples, unless they trend into the asian and black territory, I wonder if these sexual fantasies tie into the fantasies for black and asians. I wont comment about white women fantasies about black men. But asian men I'm curious about. I mean these asian men are already tapping into black culture by dressing "black" and listening to the "black" music right? Are they secretly fantasizing about black women while they walk around with white women on their arms?

Feel free to share your thoughts about this blog post in the comments.

The Help Movie & The Non-Open Race Conversation

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Since opening day there's been tons of chatter about The Help Movie. To be honest, I have very limited chatter to add since I missed the advance screening I was invited to via Disney. While I do plan on seeing the movie at some point, I have to be honest and admit I'm not sure how much commentary I will have to add to the black and white debate.

The Help Movie

Yes, yes it's about black maids and how they were treated, etc, etc. Yes, yes it's about white women using their privilege power to do something, etc etc. Yes, yes, it's about how we can come together and bridge the gap of race to forms bonds of hope and..... and what?

Now again I haven't officially seen the movie so I'm in the dark so to speak. But I have been reading the different reviews of the movie. Some of them favor the movie but many of them don't. Many people have issues with the movie claiming we're still not that far from black women in servitude to white families. Some even say the movie has Whitewashed Black History.

Other's like my friend Niri, who's of East Indian decent via the African continent, feels white people should have a voice in the racial conversation. Even if their telling the black American story.

Matter of fact I read one white women flash back to the help her family had while she was growing up. Help that continued to be "help" to her and her family for years. I will hold my comment on the kind of help that somehow never ends

While all of that makes for some interesting reading, I really still wonder when the race discussion will move past white and black. Like really we're STILL making movies about this racial combination? We're still have the same ole black and white debates? Really?!

Not for nothing but Asian, Latinos, Native Americans, and any other race you can remember beyond black, have been in servitude to white families for years along with black women. Heck many of them are still in servitude. Check any nanny agency or house cleaner advertisement and see who's filling the positions. Where are the movies about them?

I just don't think we can have a real and true conversation about "race" that will lead to lasting change when we're still only highlighting black and white while excluding the other races. What do you think?

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