Neither Here Nor There Documentary by Ema Ryan Yamazaki NYC Screening

Monday, August 13, 2012

What does it mean to belong, to have a home, to know where you're from? 'Neither Here Nor There' is a 35 minute documentary that explores cultural identity for people who have grown up in places other than their home culture, known as Third Culture Kids.

Ema Ryan Yamazaki Neither Here Nor There Documentary NYC Screening

Where: Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave & 2nd St., New York NY
When: Wednesday, August 14, 2012, starting at 6pm

Through the stories of six subjects, the film investigates the often overlooked effects on adults who had international upbringings, their struggles to fit in and an eternal search to belong.The film is also a self-exploratory journey for the filmmaker, a Japanese-British raised bi-cultural and in an international school system, who now lives in New York. In her last year of college, she attempts to figure out what she is in the context of the world.

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East, West & Ethiopia Africa Worlds Together DVD

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Did you know many Asian men marry African women and live in different areas of African? Yup,  they do. Many African women also marry and live in Asian countries like Korea.  With that little bit of information I thought it would be good to share about these DVDs I recently learned about. I think it's important that both the black and Asian community learn more about "African" culture. This hopefully will lead to more understanding, conversations and of course marriages – Onica, Editor

The new DVD series from Worlds Together from Master Communications will transport young viewers and their families to the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent through three titles – East Africa, West Africa and Ethiopia, available September 4, 2012 for a suggested retail price of $29.95 each.

Worlds Together DVD's East Africa, West Africa and Ethiopia

The Worlds Together series, visits some of the most remote places on Earth, examining topics ranging from history and culture to sports and cuisine and giving viewers an up close and personal introduction to local cultures. Learn about the various climates, languages, religions, wildlife, architecture, agriculture, ethnicities and more.

The East Africa DVD features Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi (“the place of cold water”); Mombasa; Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam, an Islamic city with a busy seaport known as “Haven of Peace;” Zanzibar, a city where boats and global trade play an important role; and Uganda’s Kampala, a very modern city and home to one of Africa’s largest universities. Also visited is Uganda’s Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

The West Africa DVD, visit Mali, a land of fishing and farming, and its cities of Timbuktu and Bamako; Nigeria, a federal constitutional republic that boasts over 250 different ethnic groups alone; and Senegal, considered a gateway to the African continent and one of West Africa’s most popular destinations. See the Cape Verde Islands, which served as a base for the Portuguese as they rounded Africa over five hundred years ago, and be introduced to life along the Niger River, the 10th largest river in the world, as it flows 2,600 miles to the sea. Take in this amazing region of lively music, culture, business and rapidly changing lifestyles.

The Ethiopia DVD, travel to this country – twice the size of Texas – that is believed to have the longest archaeological record on Earth and to have been present at the dawn of creation. It’s also been linked to the mysterious Queen of Sheba. With many areas lush and green, the region has also suffered many droughts, but the economy is still dominated by agriculture. Featured cities include Harar, Addis Ababa, Gonder and Lalibela, the last featuring 800-year-old Christian churches, some carved into volcanic rock.

Future countries to be explored in Worlds Together series include Cuba, Tibet, Ecuador and Colombia. Approximately 25 minutes each, all the titles in World Together DVD series will include a teacher’s guide (also available via download). To learn more visit

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