Book: 3 Wise Monkeys & the Hidden Treasure

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I recently learned about this book 3 Wise Monkeys and the Hidden Treasure (ISBN 1477474056) by Dr. Madhavi Gade Reddy which aims to offer an insightful lesson hidden amongst a story about a young girl named Jasmine. While I haven't read the book, I did want to share because the story has elements from the East Indian culture.  I like books that introduce children to different cultures and life lessons.


Jasmine is a little girl who is anxiously awaiting her older brother’s return from college in California. When her brother finally makes it home for Diwali, the festival of lights, he brings home presents for his mother, grandfather and little Jasmine. Not only is Jasmine thrilled to have her brother home, but she loves her present, a glass statue of three monkeys with one covering his ears, another covering his eyes and the last one covering his mouth.

Jasmine takes her statue with her everywhere. One day when she is carrying in a large stack of mail, the statue drops and shatters into a million little pieces. The girl is beyond consoling, until her grandfather shows her that there was something special hidden inside the statue that was revealed when it broke.

Reddy’s “3 Wise Monkeys and the Hidden Treasure” shows readers how there is a treasure hidden deep within each of us, just like the gold chain hidden inside the glass monkey statue. Reddy wants young readers to realize that these special treasures are only found through our life journey.

“We all endure hardship, loss and pain, but there may be something precious within those experiences,” says Reddy. “Jasmine’s gold necklace is symbolic for hidden treasures, which could simply be love for some of us.”

“3 Wise Monkeys and the Hidden Treasure” is available for online at and other retailers.

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