Hearing Americas Secret Apology to Native Americans

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's no secret that Native Americans have gotten the rotten end of the deal they made with those first pilgrims and any other Americans since then. Many in their community are still trying to put the pieces together many years after so called "provisions" have been made for them. Many wonder when will America acknowledge the wrong it has done to their people? Will they ever hear American say "We are Sorry"?

Mark Charles Wireless Hogan Public Reading of the US Apology to Native Peoples

Well according to the article, Navajo man wants the nation to hear its official apology, American already has. Seems the 2010 Defense Appropriations Act (PDF) includes an official apology to Native American people. Who knew?! I sure didn't and I bet many Native American didn't either.

But one man wants to change that. Mark Charles, discovered this apology a year ago and wonders why a more official (and louder) sharing of it hasn't been heard among the Native American people (or any other).

Mark recently took things into his own hands and standing in front the Capitol, he read the 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

Kudos to Mark!

To read more about Mark and why he felt the public reading was important, visit- http://www.wirelesshogan.com/

Now sound off. Do you think reading this apology will sooth feeling between Native Americans and Americans? Will this make things better or just add fuel to the flame?

How to Stop The Racist "Black Pete" & Christmas Connection

So it seems the Dutch (and a few Americans) are all riled up over the portrayal of ‘blackface’ white women as “Zwarte Piet” or Black Pete, an elf assistant to Santa who delivers Christmas gifts and sweets to good children.

Dutch Zwarte Piet or Black Pete

The issue? Partly that the image of Black Pete is racist because of the whites in "black face" and slavery tie in. Seems the Dutch aint proud of their owning and selling black slaves history. Hmm.

So personally I find this an interesting issue because Black Pete is well.....Black.....or really Moorish which means he had some Muslim African connection. So why change what's the truth about that?!

I think because Black Pete hasn't (to my limited knowledge of Dutch culture and tradition) been played BY a black person. From all that I've read Black Pete is played by white people dressed in black face. To me THAT is part of the problem and lends itself to being a racist issue.

While I'm sure some of you will jump and say I'm always seeing/blogging/being paranoid about these things, I wanna point out I'm not the only one blogging about this.  A recent post on the blog No Black Pete links to others also blogging about Black Pete.  So you folks back off me so I can finish my rant.

As we've seen time and time again, once white people start with the black face and acting out what they think are black characteristics, the proverbial Pandora box is opened. Racist slurs and derogatory comments will fly out. We can't leave white people to gather by themselves without some minority intervention!

In this case, I think they need to let Black Pete be a REAL black person NOT white women. What are white women doing playing black men any way?! I wont even go there.  Anyway, I personally like that idea that White Santa aint getting all the shine for delivering holiday gifts and making kids happy. Santa aint doing all the work by himself ya know. It's way past time that Santa gets some intercultural helpers, don't you think?

Santa and Pete movie

I strongly believe that kids all around the world needs to see holiday and fairy tale characters that are just as diverse as they are! I'm loving the idea (and imagery) behind the movie Santa and Pete. Now you know James Earl Jones won't act in a movie that supports racism. If you haven't see it, check it out and let me know what you think.

Little black boys (and white boys) needs to see a black adult male doing something good and being celebrated for it. Make black Pete really BLACK I say! Show and tell the truth to the masses of kids and their families this holiday!

And while we're at it can we find an Asian looking elf or two. I mean come on! Just Saying!

While I think letting a black person play Black Pete would be a great idea...is it?

Michelle Mccrary of Is That Your Child, shared with me the article Racist Outrage of Christmas in Holland that highlighted this video.

The video shows the other side of the coin that Black Pete is connection to a racist and slavery idealism. Can the Dutch people (and white people in general) let go of this and just enjoy the tradition? Can a black person playing Black Pete not feel linked to slavery and racism?

Now sound off. Do you think Black Pete should be played by a Black person? Can this be just good fun or will it always be just plain racist?

The Weed, Beer & Mexicans Connection According to Penn State Sorority Girls

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So I saw this post Penn State Sorority Girls Will Work For Weed & Beer over on Disgrasian about a Penn State "Mexican themed" sorority costume party.


While it's never a good idea to have a party based on racial culture without input from the actual race...it's only gets worse when you compound racial stereotypes with hand written signs like

Will Mow Lawn for Weed + Beer


I Don't Cut Grass, I Smoke It

*deep sigh*

Who's proud of having THAT idea?! Do I have to mention that this sorority is mainly all white females? Wonder if any of them is "claiming" some Mexican ancestor so they can argue this was OK...cause you know they're part Mexican or Latina. Somehow that makes being racist easier?

What do you think of this "Mexican themed" sorority costume party? Just good fun or just plain racist?

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