Bryant Terry Talks Food, Family & Black Families Learning Chinese

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you heard of Bryant Terry? I didn't either until I was told about the upcoming Food & My Family event happening this week. Why am I blogging about this Author, Chef & Food Activist? Because he has a Black and Asian family of course!

Bryant Terry The Inspired VeganBryant Terry The Inspired Vegan

Terry and his wife Jidan Koon, will be there to demo Afro-Asian inspired tastings and dinner with recipes from Bryant’s latest book, The Inspired Vegan. You know I have to be there. If your in the area RSVP for the event and stop in.

So I tweeted with Bryant to let him I know I'll be checking him out at the event and received an interesting reply. Bryant asked me if I know about Parents of African American Students Studying Chinese (PAASSC), who's goal is to encourage and support African American families families in their pursuit of a bilingual education for their child.

Well what do you know! I learn something new everyday. I wonder how many blasian children are enrolled. Something to research for later!

So I checked out the website and their blog and found this interesting post Which Obama is Fluent in Chinese?

Did you know that President Obama daughter Sasha knows how to speak Mandarin Chinese? I know, I know, I've slipped up with my lack of the President Obama/Asian connections. But ya'll know President Obama is down with the Asian community. Still I promise to feature some posts highlighting how he and his family are connecting with the Asian community.

So in closing I hope to get some one on one time with Bryant and his family and see what else I can learn from them. I'll keep ya'll posted!

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