Grandma What ya doin with a white baby?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

As usual I was ranting on twitter about my latest "is that your child" encounter, when I received a tweet from Isidra, whose radio show I was on a few weeks ago (upcoming post).

Grandparents White Baby Comment

Isidra's tweet made a great point and brought to light something I don't see or hear much about. The experiences of Grandparents who according to Isidra get asked, "Whatchoo doin' with that white baby?". I wanted to hear/learn/share more about these other experiences where a family connected is questioned, so I asked Isidra to share her thoughts in a guest post.

biracial grandchild

"Whatchoo doin' with that white baby?" by Isidra Person-Lynn

All too often that was the question I would get in my neighborhood as some curious workman, passerby or long-time no-see person peeked into my infant grandson's face. Yes, he was pale, with light grey eyes and bone straight hair. But I saw a black child. Why couldn't they?

His mother is black, as is his father (our son.) Well, that's if you go by the one drop rule. My daughter in law is mixed, but she is obviously black, as were her sisters and much of her extended family.

When I took him to my client's Asian Health Picnic, the questions abounded: "Oh, his mother is white?" my coworkers would say knowingly as they cooed at the baby. "No," I sniffed. Not you, too! By then my offense was muted.

I got a call one day from a video maker friend in a pinch. "We need to have a child who is white for this multicultural commercial I'm shooting." She must have been wringing her hands. She laughed nervously. "I know I shouldn't ask this, but can we borrow your grandson?" "Absolutely not!"I replied, a little too forcefully. "What difference would it make? Why not arrange to have the child brought to the studio? " she asked, incredulously. "Because he's NOT white," I retorted. "And I like it that way just fine."

Thankfully, as our grandson grew, he tanned up nicely and his hair grew in, thick and strong and black --kinky curly. No one assumes he is white any more.

Folks, the family photo album is changing. I have cousins in-law who are white and a nephew who is half Filipino. Heck, I'm a pecan tan and when I did the DNA test African Americans love to do to learn from whence they came, mine came back European. (It happens like 1% of the time). Our family was always exposed to other races and cultures. My stepfather is Hawaiian, while my Mom's close friend was Japanese and my sister dated a Puerto Rican. My cousin's husband is white, but then folks assume she too is white, so she blends right in. But they all get the question from time to time.

Don't get me wrong…I,too, am curious about every family that I see, especially those that set off the Sesame Street song in my head "One of these things is not like the other…" but I have sense enough to know not to go up to anyone and blurt my question at them. That's akin to asking "what's your kid doing in that wheelchair?" Or "Is that a toupee?"

It's bad manners to come right out and ask, no matter what your race or station in life. Hold your tongue!

Isidra Person-Lynn, M.A. Journalism from USC, hosts a weekly magazine formatted Blog Talk Radio show Called "Sunday Morning Live" at 10 a.m. PST. Join her!

Are Black Women Sex Toys for Asian men?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

One of the things that makes me shake my head and suck my teeth is the exotic sexual fantasy between black women and Asian guys. Don't misunderstand me, there's nothing wrong with sexual attraction. We're all adults and we all have sex BUT I'm not talking about normal (in my mind anyway) sexual attraction. I'm talking about having sex with someone of another race just because....their of another race.

asian black fantasy

So in one of the Asian Black Facebook groups I'm in, I saw a link this video (search for it on YouTube cause I'm NOT linking to it) and decided to check it out. Lets be real here people it clearly say porn but I was hoping for something witty and original since they were talking with clothes on :)

What I heard was SO upsetting. Now while they can talk about her getting the egg roll, and how she has one night stands (she's a porn star or something) all they want I was sicken when the conversation turn to why Asian men should be with black women.

WTF, porn people discussing the issue of Asian and black dating? First he's mostly with white women, second she's never been with an Asian guy ( as of the making of that video) WHAT THE HELL DO THEY KNOW ABOUT ASIAN AND BLACK COUPLES?!

To make matters worse then he starts pimping her out. I sat there in disbelief watching an asian man telling all of YouTube that this black women will sleep with you if you walk up to her and say "I wanna f*ck" And her dumb @ss just sat there nodding and agreeing!

Oh someone stop the madness. But wait there's more and here's the real kicker.

This video was posted in a group for asian men and black women by....wait for it...a black women....guess who commented on women...guess what they had to say about the negative sexual image of the black women to asian men and the rest of the world watching this video.

Not. One. Damn. Word. Don't believe me?

asian black fantasy

Yeah. Like I said. Not. One. Damn Word.

This acceptance and silence of black women when it comes to negative sexual images is a serious torn in my side. It's hard to spread positive awareness when those in my camp are just helping the other damn side. *bangs fista on the table*

I'm all for everyone doing their thing and choosing how to live but there's a damn limit and I wish more black women would reach the limit with me. Black women are always complaining that they're being treated with no respect and just as sexual creatures but what do they have to say BEFORE that happens?

Time and time again I see some of them allowing it and hurts my heart to even write this...encouraging  it. I've personally seen black women allow men, especially Asian men to treat them as sexual play things. So now asian men think the stereotypes of black women are true and think things will go down (pun intended) like this with other black me.

When I dated Asian men (along with other races) I've met men who tried that "but the other black women slept with me on the first date" line. Yeah that's where they get reeducated really quick.  It's disappointing to see that some asian men don't really know anything about black women on a positive note...even sexually.

But after watching that video who's to blame for that?

Diverse Search for Wonderopolis’ America’s WonderYear Adventure

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Every now and then I come across info that I think my community should know about. Tons of info gets passed around but somehow the communities of color don't seem to be in the loop. It's my aim to change that. Today I'm sharing info about the Wonderopolis’ America’s Wonder Year Adventure.


You might wonder why I'd want to share info about some search for families and teachers to be on a website. Duh, because I always felt there's not enough images or media example of OUR families on websites! Also this website is specifically on the a hunt for (3) families and (2) teachers from DIVERSE communities across the nation to join the family learning site for a Wonder Year.

I repeat. DIVERSE communities. Meaning BEYOND white. Yup.

Here's more info about the search.
The Wonder Year Adventure is open to the general public.

The chosen Wonder Families and Wonder Teachers will become the voices of Wonderopolis and will contribute to the Wonderopolis community in several ways. Each week, the Wonder Families and Wonder Teachers will share their learning experiences by posting to the blog and igniting a conversation through their posts and responses to the visitors’ comments. Social media will also play a large role in the Wonder Year as families and teachers will promote online and offline events through channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

This is a chance for OUR families to be featured and show how great we are. It's time we started being more proactive in getting our images out on the world wide web.

The deadline for applications is October 22, 2011 so get started applying NOW at

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