Cheltzie Lee : Blasian Olympic Ice Skater

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

During this 2010 Olympics, most of the world tuned in to see the competitions and special life changing moments. While I enjoyed some of the games my full attention was in one area and on one person. Her name is Cheltzie Lee, an Aussie figure skater who just happens to be blasian!

Lee's heritage attracted attention from many in the local media where they considered her an exotic mix. *rolling my eyes* Cheltzie mother is African-American, born in Louisiana, while her father is of Chinese background but was born in Bangladesh and later moved to Australia. Talk about a multi-cultural family. I would love to interview them!

Oddly enough Cheltzie was selected for the Olympics at the last minute when another country declined to send its qualified skater. That little change made all the difference for Cheltzie...and for this community. To have a blasian person being showed in such an international competition as the Olympics is a huge nod for this community. Go on Cheltzie with your bad blasian self!

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